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Update Schedule Proposal

Update Schedule Proposal published on 9 Comments on Update Schedule Proposal

A quick sketch and an idea!

So a while ago I saw some musings on webcomic pacing, and how one page a week is always going to feel a bit disappointing – since it’s hard to get into the feel of the story at that pace.

So I was considering that instead of weekly updates when chapter 6 returns, to do monthly bulk uploads with 3 pages.

Anyway if y’all would rather do the traditional 1 page per week, this is perfectly fine by me! Let me know in the comment section what type of updates you would prefer – one page a week or roughly 3 pages at once, per month? All input will be much appreciated!

Hiatus Bonus Content: New Promo Art

Hiatus Bonus Content: New Promo Art published on 1 Comment on Hiatus Bonus Content: New Promo Art

Good news everyone! Sketching of Chapter 6 is coming along nicely (and actually I’m having a blast, now that I have the chances to go back, change things, do a bit of editing before having to release the pages, so I am so happy). Anyway here’s some new promo art I made where my kids are looking heckin serious

Hiatus bonus content: Syeru design update

Hiatus bonus content: Syeru design update published on 2 Comments on Hiatus bonus content: Syeru design update

So! As I’m currently sketching out chapter 6, I’m slowly tweaking some character designs. Syeru was always meant to be a pretty muscular warrior, but when the comic started out I just didn’t have the knowledge of anatomy or eye for design to really fulfill that dream.


But now… I do! I also tweaked her nose a bit, mostly because this feels much more like the Syeru I have in my head. This warrior princess is coming back to you pretty soon and she will be ready to fight anything that breathes.

Hiatus Bonus Content: A doodle

Hiatus Bonus Content: A doodle published on 1 Comment on Hiatus Bonus Content: A doodle

I finally sketched a bit of concept art that isn’t a complete spoiler, so here you all go!

Also bit of an update: I have started sketching out chapter 6 now, so it’s finally getting underway! I have been breathtakingly busy but it’s going to ease up a bit towards the end of this semester.


Want to support me with a few bucks? Don’t forget you can buy me a Ko-Fi and help support my endless tea-drinking!

Hiatus Announcement/Info

Hiatus Announcement/Info published on 5 Comments on Hiatus Announcement/Info

(It was just brought to my attention that it’s April 1st and I just want to make it super clear this is a regular ol’ announcement)

Hi everyone! I wanted to drop a bit of information here.


I still have development work to do on Book 1 of The Lost Oracle but for now I have figured out enough stuff that I can start preparing and sketching chapter 6! Very exciting! So I wanted to let you all know that the chapter is gonna start production, and that TLO is coming back to the land of the living.

This being said: I won’t start uploading pages until chapter 6 is completely done. This will ensure a more stable upload schedule as I carry on working on chapter 7, and generally will have a buffer for when times get busy – which they very much will when my 3rd year of animation school starts.

Oh and if you’re worried that not that much concept art has been posted here – I have been drawing a lot! A lot of it feels like spoilers though, so I wasn’t comfortable sharing any of it publically.

I will let you all know when I feel ready to announce a real date for The Lost Oracle coming back. I’m so excited to reunite with my children!

And as always: remember that if you want to support a tired and hardworking animator/comic artist feel free to throw a few dollars my way via

Hiatus bonus content: Concept art

Hiatus bonus content: Concept art published on 4 Comments on Hiatus bonus content: Concept art

Oh look, it’s my girl! I’m discovering a lot of stuff about where this story is supposed to be going, and while I really want to do chapter 6 right now I need to be patient and make sure the story is done before I proceed so… here’s a drawing of my child, while I long to draw my comic.

Hiatus Bonus Art: Amra Design Tweaks

Hiatus Bonus Art: Amra Design Tweaks published on 6 Comments on Hiatus Bonus Art: Amra Design Tweaks

So part of what I’m doing right now is tweaking the designs of the characters as they are already. I’ve become a more experienced draftsman and I want to streamline the art a bit more when I come back, so I’m producing some ‘style guide’ pieces for myself to look at whenever I forget what the comic is supposed to look like.


First victim: Amra! I’ve tried to give her bit more of a ‘skinny teenage girl’ look, not quite as round and childish a face as I often ended up drawing her with before. She should still look young, but not too young, so I’m hoping I have achieved that.


Hiatus Bonus: Desert Village

Hiatus Bonus: Desert Village published on 3 Comments on Hiatus Bonus: Desert Village

So! I have made the decision that I will put up development pieces on this website every couple of weeks, while working towards the end of the hiatus for The Lost Oracle. I’ll accompany the pieces with some words/thoughts on my decisions or what this is

This is some exploration of what a desert village could look like, including some inhabitants. I want the buildings here to feel warm and inviting, but also give the impression of a place with relatively limited resources. I love the reddish/purple colours of some Iranian villages so they’re a heavy influence for this. I also very much appreciate the mix of sand-infused material and wood so that might end up with more of a presence in any finished piece.

I thought that this would be a tightly knit community, that lives on quite blissfully uninvolved with whatever political drama plays out in the empire. They quietly worship the god of gods, and always give thanks whenever they slaughter some of their livestock.

A slightly longer chapter break than usual

A slightly longer chapter break than usual published on 9 Comments on A slightly longer chapter break than usual

Hey guys! Thank you for last week, it was really lovely to see all the people reading my daily updates! I know I say this all the time but really, thank you so much for reading. I’m honoured you’re here to share your time with me.

So as it says in the description I was looking over my outline for the rest of this book and I just really need to rework some things. I have learned a lot about storytelling and development over the last year and a half at The Animation Workshop and I want to apply these things. This is a perfect time to pause and make sure the next chapters get as good as possible.

I don’t have an exact date for when the comic will be back but the hiatus will probably be around 3-4 months, only to return stronger than ever.

This site won’t be dead though – I have to figure out how I want to do it but I would love to update you all on non-spoilery concept art and sketches while we wait, just to make sure everyone knows that this comic is very much good and alive. I’ll give more info on this as I make the calls!

So thank you, I hope you all got safely into 2018, TLO will be back as soon as I can manage it because lord knows this comic and the characters means the world to me.