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Chapter 7 page 07

Chapter 7 page 07 published on 1 Comment on Chapter 7 page 07

New page! In which someone very gently tells Amra that she needs a make-over.


As always, thank you for reading! Also if you enjoy reading the comic via this website I recently renewed my domain – it’s a bit pricy and my finances are tight, so if you have the ability to tip in don’t forget I have a ko-fi! 

That being said, times are tough for everyone so if this isn’t an option for you, don’t worry. Stay safe out there, everybody!

Temporary schedule change

Temporary schedule change published on 3 Comments on Temporary schedule change

Hello friends! Quick announcement here, as you may notice there isn’t a consistent update schedule currently. I’m putting a ban on personal work in april due to my drawing health suffering a bit under the current [circumstances redacted].

If you have followed me for a while you know I got myself into bit on an RSI mess last year, an injury that I normally manage very well with a healthy routine of good ergonomics and a weight lifting regime – both of which aren’t very available right now.

I have commitments in the form of my current job & freelance that I need to prioritise and as much as I would love to bury myself in my personal work right now it’s not a responsible thing for me to do long term until I can go back to managing my injury again so *shrug emoji*

I’ll give myself a limited number of minutes for personal work a day if I feel well enough for it so TLO will still update but it’s going to be a case of “when I can” rather than sticking to any kind of update schedule.

Stay safe out there! Be kind to each other, and stay tuned for upcoming updates nonetheless.

Chapter 7 page 05

Chapter 7 page 05 published on 2 Comments on Chapter 7 page 05

The chase for Amra is on! But what is she up to? Tune in next week to find out

Also a quick note, but the whole current pandemic situation has shook up my life something fierce. I will do my best to stick to the update schedule but if there are some glitches here and there it’s simply because I’m furiously adapting to a very different life from what I was expecting.

Stay safe out there and thank you for reading!