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A small hiatus update! And bonus art

A small hiatus update! And bonus art published on 3 Comments on A small hiatus update! And bonus art

Greetings everyone!

I hope you all made it safely into the new year! You’re good people and I wish you all the best in the next 12 months!

(tl;dr version: due to a massive amount of work the comic won’t be back until sunday the 13th, and it will only be updating every two weeks for the foreseeable future)

I’m putting up this bonus art of my Sad Children looking at each other partially because that is definitely the theme of this chapter, but also because I have a few updates on the update schedule for the next little while.

So, I’m currently going into a very intense semester, working on our graduation film and applying for internships. This means a huge workload, and the way I see it right now I just won’t be able to update The Lost Oracle every week and also live up to my other commitments. I love this comic and I have been thrilled to do weekly updates for a whole semester (!!!) but now, unfortunately, I’ll need to make sure I put more attention towards getting a good internship.

But don’t worry! I will still be updating every 2nd week without a problem.

Additionally the comic won’t be back sunday as promised, but will instead return sunday the 13th, again since I have needed to prioritise work on my reel this holiday.

See you all then!

– Lho

Chapter 6 page 15

Chapter 6 page 15 published on 4 Comments on Chapter 6 page 15

… I don’t think we’re in the desert any more!

Phew, I made it! It was touch and go there but this is technically a sunday update so I’m not complaining!

Anyway please be aware that the comic is taking a 3 week break for the holiday while I cram on my portfolio (and catch up on my comic buffer so the pages can be as nice looking and as little rushed as possible!)

I will be posting some hiatus content, but other than that… see you all on sunday January 6th!

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday!

Chapter 6 page 12

Chapter 6 page 12 published on 1 Comment on Chapter 6 page 12

Amra is angry and she has never truly been angry before.

Just a heads’ up, the comic is going to take a short break over Christmas. The last update of the year will be sunday the 9th, and be back the first sunday of the new year.

I’ll probably provide a few sketches and/or concept art over the course of the break.

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And as always, thanks so much for reading!

Chapter 6 page 09

Chapter 6 page 09 published on 3 Comments on Chapter 6 page 09

Amra trusts this goat. Then again, who wouldn’t trust this goat.

I have started to get back on instagram lately so if you want to follow me and see which podcast I’m currently screaming about that would be the place!

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As always thanks so much for reading.