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The Lost Oracle Chapter 7 [Cover]

The Lost Oracle Chapter 7 [Cover] published on 5 Comments on The Lost Oracle Chapter 7 [Cover]

We’re back, baby!

The Lost Oracle will be updating every Sunday (probably with some missed updates, if we’re being perfectly honest, but I will try my best!) for the forseeable future!

Thank you for your patience. Life has been quite wild since chapter 6 ended. I did an internship with Cartoon Network, graduated from animation school and I now have my first studio job as an honest to god animator! All of this was made possible by The Lost Oracle and I’m so happy to know that this comic is still with me.

Thank you as always for reading, and let’s go!

Chapter 7 status update

Chapter 7 status update published on 3 Comments on Chapter 7 status update

It liiives!

Hello to everyone who still checks in with The Lost Oracle every now and again! This is a brief message to let you know that yes, The Lost Oracle is alive and yes, chapter 7 will be coming to a screen near you in the forseeable future.

I had some very heavy things to tackle for this chapter, and I’m glad I took an extra moment to strengthen the writing of what I think is a pretty pivotal part of the story. I have started sketching the comic now, and I will be announcing a launch date when I have 8 weeks of buffer.

Don’t hold me up on it, but at my current pace, I’m imagining this will be towards the end of january, mid-february. I’d like for the comic to come back sooner rather than later, but as usual life is volatile and I do want to have some security in terms of sticking to a consistent upload schedule.

Happy holidays to everyone, and I will be seeing you soon(ish)!

Hiatus comic page 6/6

Hiatus comic page 6/6 published on 2 Comments on Hiatus comic page 6/6

And so the little sketchy sidecomic wraps up, on a gently hopeful note from everyone’s favourite Sad Disaster Dad.

I will keep everyone updated on when the next chapter of TLO is returning to a screen near you, but as I’m currently elbow-deep into freelance work & internships it will at least be 1-2 months into the future. So I hope you enjoyed this little sketchy interlude and I will be back with development sketches whenever preproduction on chapter 7 begins!

Hiatus Comic Page 01/05

Hiatus Comic Page 01/05 published on 2 Comments on Hiatus Comic Page 01/05

The little mini-sketch comic is officially go!

It will update hopefully once a week? However, I am moving to London for a 3-month internship and it will be difficult to tell how much extra time I’ll have for personal work so we will see! This does also mean that chapter 7 is getting postponed well into the end of September, possibly October, depending on how life pans out. So just a heads’ up on that!

In the meantime enjoy the scribbly feelings that this little sidecomic will contain.

Chapter 6 page 22 [chapter end]

Chapter 6 page 22 [chapter end] published on 6 Comments on Chapter 6 page 22 [chapter end]

Here we are! Chapter 6 is officially wrapped up!

So same as last year, the comic is going to go on break until the end of august while I plan/sketch/work on the inks for the entire chapter at once to ensure quality and consistency.

There will be some content during the hiatus! Sketches, development, and maaybe a little sketchy comic featuring some of Guardians’ backstory that isn’t essential to the plot of this comic! So remember to stay tuned, even while The Lost Oracle is on break.

As always thank you for reading, and I’m looking forward to chapter 7!