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  • monolithic

    Panel 2: Aww.
    I’m glad that Syeru is so very enthusiastic about this journey 😀
    (The “Tapastic” link in the description/AN below each page – not the “Mobile users” one in the navigation bar – leads to the Tapastic main page. Isn’t it supposed to link to TLO’s page on Tapastic instead? :))

    • Lho Brockhoff

      Glad you like it! Vic & Cirras relationsship is one of my favouriteo ones :3

      Oh and thanks for catching that!

  • Jonathan Hughes

    I am now imagining Cirra with a heavy Russian accent.

    • Lho Brockhoff

      WELL I’m kind of surprised how quickly you got that but yeah, that’s actually canon 😛

  • Rateus

    We come on the Sloop John B.