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  • Kengo

    I wonder if she’ll be as excited once the conversation progresses…

    • Lho Brockhoff

      Hmmm yes that is indeed the question. This could be a very boring story where everyone sorts out their conflicts by talking about them. You never know.

      • enchantedsleeper

        You so funny, Lho xD

  • AbrianC

    I realized I’d never commented on your actual comment site. Looking good! Keep up the awesome! 🙂

    • Lho Brockhoff

      Thanks so much! I love getting comments here, they’re kind of rare but always really nice 🙂

  • Werdna73

    Haha! That’s hilarious, they’re all marveling at the abandoned, undisturbed, mysterious city, and Amra just walks in and kills that mood. And then dances on the grave with her enthusiastic enthusiasm.

  • Rateus

    Best Birthday Ever!