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Chapter 2 page 15

Chapter 2 page 15 published on 3 Comments on Chapter 2 page 15

Well there you go, this is it. The entire comic has been a setup for a terrible dad-joke. I may as well stop making it now because it’s not getting any better than this.

Just kidding, it’s getting waaay better, keep reading, my lovlies!

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  • monolithic

    I considered including a “wooden” pun when I wrote my previous comment. I am so thankful Guardian did it what I could not bring myself to do. *wipes single tear*
    So, flashback time or is it just that one panel? I would like to know some more about Guardian and Ambren, but I also really want to see what’s going on with Syeru and Amra, so I guess I’m happy with both possibilities ^^

    • Lho Brockhoff

      I’m afraid it’s not quite flashback time yet, we’ll get there though. So long as you can work with both! 😀

  • Inklein

    Are Ambren and Guardian related somehow?