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  • Karin Rindevall

    Guardian! Do your thing! Uh… guard! <:| (Can't wait for more, seriously! I want to know how this encounter unfolds!)

  • redredredacted

    Ohhhh my god. Amra’s face. Ahahahah, I have seen it on your Twitter and have been WAITING for its context and you did NOT disappoint. This is hysterical. Poor Guardian. The things he puts up with.

    • Lho Brockhoff

      They have slightly different temperaments!

  • enchantedsleeper

    Amra: C:
    Guardian: D:
    Amra: … :(?

    • Lho Brockhoff

      All of my facial expressions can be boiled down to emoticons at any given time

    • Rateus

      I genuinely thought you were giving them grades until I got to the third on and Lho’s reply!

  • Rateus

    Guardian is sharp. Good work Sir.