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  • Jennifer

    I want to hug both their faces!

    • Lho Brockhoff

      I’d say hugs are needed across the board yes. Also welcome to my actual website 😀

    • Rateus

      You have a unique approach to hugging Duchess.

  • monolithic

    That thing with the glowing eyes doesn’t seem “fine”, Ambren, but okay. I think we haven’t heart of Kia before, possibly Amras mother?
    The review is great, congratulations 😀 I like how the reviewers talked about your characters, I feel the same way about many aspects (such as Syeru being “the Antagonist” to Amra but obviously not a villainous character).

    • ghost

      If Kia is Amra’s mother, and Ambren is Amra’s dad, then a certain Guardian is superbly heartbroken. 😉

  • Rateus

    Super dynamic hair in the final panel!