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Chapter 5 page 25 [Chapter end]

Chapter 5 page 25 [Chapter end] published on 5 Comments on Chapter 5 page 25 [Chapter end]

We did it! We made it to the end of chapter 5! Everyone’s sad but we’re here!

And I managed an update every day for 5 days which, frankly, feels pretty amazing.

Thanks so much for coming on this journey with me. I’ll have some updates re: the future update schedule of this comic but I’ll put up an official statement on Monday, spending the weekend figuring out some details.


I love my comic and I love you, my readers, who are still here. Thank you very much!

If you have enjoyed the comic so far don’t forget you can always throw a few $ my way on my ko-fi, but either way I’m so glad and honoured you’re here.