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Chapter 6 page 15

Chapter 6 page 15 published on 4 Comments on Chapter 6 page 15

… I don’t think we’re in the desert any more!

Phew, I made it! It was touch and go there but this is technically a sunday update so I’m not complaining!

Anyway please be aware that the comic is taking a 3 week break for the holiday while I cram on my portfolio (and catch up on my comic buffer so the pages can be as nice looking and as little rushed as possible!)

I will be posting some hiatus content, but other than that… see you all on sunday January 6th!

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday!

  • Scared 192

    Capitol? Is there a capitol?

  • Rateus

    More than two’s a crowd huh Amra?

  • RandomRedneck

    Look for a dude with a vest and a fez. I hear he has a genie.

  • monolithic

    I like the color scheme of the village/clothes 🙂