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Hiatus Announcement/Info

Hiatus Announcement/Info published on 5 Comments on Hiatus Announcement/Info

(It was just brought to my attention that it’s April 1st and I just want to make it super clear this is a regular ol’ announcement)

Hi everyone! I wanted to drop a bit of information here.


I still have development work to do on Book 1 of The Lost Oracle but for now I have figured out enough stuff that I can start preparing and sketching chapter 6! Very exciting! So I wanted to let you all know that the chapter is gonna start production, and that TLO is coming back to the land of the living.

This being said: I won’t start uploading pages until chapter 6 is completely done. This will ensure a more stable upload schedule as I carry on working on chapter 7, and generally will have a buffer for when times get busy – which they very much will when my 3rd year of animation school starts.

Oh and if you’re worried that not that much concept art has been posted here – I have been drawing a lot! A lot of it feels like spoilers though, so I wasn’t comfortable sharing any of it publically.

I will let you all know when I feel ready to announce a real date for The Lost Oracle coming back. I’m so excited to reunite with my children!

And as always: remember that if you want to support a tired and hardworking animator/comic artist feel free to throw a few dollars my way via

  • Dr.C

    If this is slightly real, this is the WORST POSSIBLE DAY to announce such a thing. Just sayin’.
    Happy April Fools Day! And Good Luck!(?)

    • Lho Brockhoff

      Ohh right yes, I have been living in bit of a vacuum this week and definitely did not intend for this to be a fake announcement! Thanks!

  • monolithic

    Yes, today is probably not the ideal date for real annoucements 😀
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with, good luck!

  • Rateus

    You’re worth waiting for Lho, take all the time you need 🙂

    • Lho Brockhoff

      Thank you so much!