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Hiatus Bonus: Desert Village

Hiatus Bonus: Desert Village published on 3 Comments on Hiatus Bonus: Desert Village

So! I have made the decision that I will put up development pieces on this website every couple of weeks, while working towards the end of the hiatus for The Lost Oracle. I’ll accompany the pieces with some words/thoughts on my decisions or what this is

This is some exploration of what a desert village could look like, including some inhabitants. I want the buildings here to feel warm and inviting, but also give the impression of a place with relatively limited resources. I love the reddish/purple colours of some Iranian villages so they’re a heavy influence for this. I also very much appreciate the mix of sand-infused material and wood so that might end up with more of a presence in any finished piece.

I thought that this would be a tightly knit community, that lives on quite blissfully uninvolved with whatever political drama plays out in the empire. They quietly worship the god of gods, and always give thanks whenever they slaughter some of their livestock.

  • Rateus


    This place reminds me of Shady Sands.

  • Meran Ni Cuill

    I ~~adore those derpy goats!

    • Rateus

      They have splendid beards.