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Temporary schedule change

Temporary schedule change published on 3 Comments on Temporary schedule change

Hello friends! Quick announcement here, as you may notice there isn’t a consistent update schedule currently. I’m putting a ban on personal work in april due to my drawing health suffering a bit under the current [circumstances redacted].

If you have followed me for a while you know I got myself into bit on an RSI mess last year, an injury that I normally manage very well with a healthy routine of good ergonomics and a weight lifting regime – both of which aren’t very available right now.

I have commitments in the form of my current job & freelance that I need to prioritise and as much as I would love to bury myself in my personal work right now it’s not a responsible thing for me to do long term until I can go back to managing my injury again so *shrug emoji*

I’ll give myself a limited number of minutes for personal work a day if I feel well enough for it so TLO will still update but it’s going to be a case of “when I can” rather than sticking to any kind of update schedule.

Stay safe out there! Be kind to each other, and stay tuned for upcoming updates nonetheless.

  • monolithic

    Makes sense, health comes first!
    I’m 100% working from home now but don’t have an ergonomic setup and it’s already led to awful back pain, so I can relate 🙁

  • Ruth Beaty

    Take care of yourself and we’ll wait on the other side of the mess!

  • Sahara

    Take care of yourself! Definitely don’t want to exacerbate your injury