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Update Schedule Proposal

Update Schedule Proposal published on 9 Comments on Update Schedule Proposal

A quick sketch and an idea!

So a while ago I saw some musings on webcomic pacing, and how one page a week is always going to feel a bit disappointing – since it’s hard to get into the feel of the story at that pace.

So I was considering that instead of weekly updates when chapter 6 returns, to do monthly bulk uploads with 3 pages.

Anyway if y’all would rather do the traditional 1 page per week, this is perfectly fine by me! Let me know in the comment section what type of updates you would prefer – one page a week or roughly 3 pages at once, per month? All input will be much appreciated!

  • Rateus

    Personally I prefer shorter more frequent updates because my memory is rubbish so if I read 3 pages and then wait a month for the next three I retain the story less well than if I read one page every 10 days or so…

    • Scared 192

      I agree with you

    • Sahara

      This is my preference as well

    • esme

      yeah me too, I retain better the storyline if it’s weekly. but i’m fine with whatever is best for you!

    • Lho Brockhoff

      Thanks for your input everyone! The comment section is still open to let me know if you have a preference, but I just want to say I’m really happy to hear your thoughts and the comic will most likely be once a week by the looks of these replies!

    • OwlBear

      my preference as well

  • MrCold

    If you can do it, I’d think weekly is still better, as it’s probably more pages (:P). If I need to remember something, I could always wait a month or more and read several pages at once.

  • Casey

    I read in bulk anyway so whatever works for your sanity.

    • Rateus

      I absolutely agree that whatever works before the artist/author is the best choice!