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Hiatus Comic Page 01/05

Hiatus Comic Page 01/05 published on 2 Comments on Hiatus Comic Page 01/05

The little mini-sketch comic is officially go!

It will update hopefully once a week? However, I am moving to London for a 3-month internship and it will be difficult to tell how much extra time I’ll have for personal work so we will see! This does also mean that chapter 7 is getting postponed well into the end of September, possibly October, depending on how life pans out. So just a heads’ up on that!

In the meantime enjoy the scribbly feelings that this little sidecomic will contain.

Chapter 6 page 22 [chapter end]

Chapter 6 page 22 [chapter end] published on 6 Comments on Chapter 6 page 22 [chapter end]

Here we are! Chapter 6 is officially wrapped up!

So same as last year, the comic is going to go on break until the end of august while I plan/sketch/work on the inks for the entire chapter at once to ensure quality and consistency.

There will be some content during the hiatus! Sketches, development, and maaybe a little sketchy comic featuring some of Guardians’ backstory that isn’t essential to the plot of this comic! So remember to stay tuned, even while The Lost Oracle is on break.

As always thank you for reading, and I’m looking forward to chapter 7!

Chapter 6 page 21

Chapter 6 page 21 published on 3 Comments on Chapter 6 page 21

“If you can’t fight them, just keep on trying to fight them” – Syeru, probably

Also a heads up that the chapter finale is actually the upcoming page! Wild to think that we almost made it through chapter 6!

After chapter 6 it will be the usual “hiatus while I sketch out all of chapter 7” situation, with concept art & sketches along the way. I’m really looking forward to chapter 7, we’re going to get into some really juicy stuff, y’all.


As always, thanks for reading!

Chapter 6 page 19

Chapter 6 page 19 published on 1 Comment on Chapter 6 page 19

Ladies, gentlemen & those beyond the binary: we have a name for The Boy!

Also a new page! I’m sorry that the schedule got so messed up lately. I’m starting physio this week but I needed to take a step away from personal work for a few weeks and, well, here we are. But this chapter is still coming along. And it looks like we’re heading back to Blue Gold City!

As always, thanks for reading!

Small hiatus

Small hiatus published on 1 Comment on Small hiatus

Hello everyone! I just wanted to check in real quick and say I’m sorry for the lack of on-schedule updates lately.

I have been suffering from a strain to my drawing arm and I’m currently staying away from most personal work. Which means that the last few pages of this chapter are going to update on a “when they’re ready” kind of schedule.

I know that you’re all wonderful and understanding folks, and that I don’t have to excuse this to you but I always think it’s nice for you all to know what’s going on.

In the meantime please enjoy this doodle I did during OC Smooch Week.


Thank you all, and I’ll have a new page up whenever I can!